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Drabble games~ BEGIN!

Fandom Avatar
Pairing: Suki/Roku
Prompt: distraction
Warnings: T3hHikki: SPIRITUAL RAEP?

The spirit world could be quite boring, Roku mused as he leaned back and thought about what he could do to alleviate the problem. Vaguely remembering a girl who dressed eerily like a fellow Avatar, he crossed over, a feat not lightly taken, but this was an emergency, after all.

He found her easily for she was right where she should have been: Kyoshi Island. How fitting, he thought, slipping into her room. It was late, the moon full, so naturally, she was sleeping. This was good for the former Avatar. He didn't need a conscious girl, anyway.


Fandom Avatar
Characters: Azula and Katara
Prompt: Potion
Warnings: Mentions of war

She fought, kicking and screaming, biting and tearing anything she could get her hands on, but Azula was too weak from the battle to get away from the Waterbender. Caught by a falling rock that she just couldn't avoid, the Princess had been crushed, almost literally. Katara knew no lines when it came to healing. Not this time, at least. The battle had been devistating, taking the lives of far too many. No one else would die if she had anything to do with it, that was for sure.

Forcing Azula to drink the medicine, Katara was satisfied for the moment. She'd done all she could without being too terribly hurt herself. She only hoped the stubborn Fire Nation girl would calm down enough to live.


Fandom: Avatar
Pairing Firecest (::gags::)
Prompt: bad to the bone
Warnings: barely even mentions to sexual acts

Rebels, she called them. Or rather, would if he weren't such a pansy sometimes. She wondered how in the world she could be at all turned on by him sometimes. Then she would remember just how talented he was and forget about everything else long enough to get business done.

If it weren't for his car, though, Zuko suspected she might drop him. She, oddly enough, delighted in listening to what she called, "the classics," singing along with a few choice songs as they broke the sound barrier on the freeway. He only did it for her; she knew that. Perhaps that was why she kept him around: the short leash wrapped around her finger.


Fandom: Avatar
Pairing Pakku/Kanna
Prompt: snowball

Kanna had meant it to be harmless. A snowball to the face never hurt anyone before. It just turned out that Pakku was certainly not in the mood for a childish snowball fight, having just gotten done with a frustrating waterbending training session.

He hadn't expected it, especially because of his distraction. This, of course, hit deeper than just his face, which was cold enough already. His pride, already weakened by difficulties in a particular bending move, about shattered. Hit by a girl! He was mad and let it show.

Reflecting on it years later, he decided that his actions that day were a contributing factor to her flight.



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Jan. 20th, 2007 08:58 pm (UTC)

I really like your Pakku/Kanna one, especially the last line. ♥~~
Jan. 21st, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
Thank you~!
Feb. 17th, 2013 03:06 am (UTC)
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