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Ah, all of my old stuff!

Title: To Forget
Author: Mari (coyul)
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Pairing: one sided Sakura/Syaoran
Content: a bit of angst
Rating: PG

To Forget

Syaoran insisted that we go to her when we heard the news. Sakura had suddenly gone into a coma, but the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Why would a perfectly healthy 15 year-old girl—magical girl at that—go into a coma?

When we got there, she had made no progress. I couldn’t tell what Syaoran was thinking, but he told me that she would die if she didn’t wake up. That much he could tell; her life force was all but gone. If it wasn’t returned soon, she would die and probably never even know it.

Then she woke up. Everyone was in the room—her room, because there was no reason to keep her at a hospital if she wasn’t sick—when it happened. Hope and happiness was written on every face, but it soon turned to disappointment.

“Who are you?” she asked everyone.

If she was playing a joke, it was a pretty crappy one, I decided. “Kinomoto! Don’t you remember us? Syaoran!”

She shook her head gravely, almost scared. “I don’t remember…anything,” she said. “Kinomoto? What’s that?”

She got better little by little over the next few weeks. At first, she’d slept a lot, but she eventually got her old energy back. Along with the energy came memories. Memories of Daidouji, her family, friends, me. Almost everyone. Everyone but Syaoran.

Not even Keroberus or Yue could understand. Eriol had no explanation. We were stumped and no matter what we did, nothing worked. She had no memories with Syaoran. Sure, a lot of her memories were ones we had, but Syaoran was missing completely. An empty space, according to her.

Even if she couldn’t remember him, Syaoran said, he would stick with her. I know I said that I would support them, but that almost made me sick. Anyway, he said that if she couldn’t remember him from before, he’d give her new memories.

Okay, so he didn’t say that to me, because let’s face it, he’s never that sentimental towards me, whether it’s got to do with me or not. No, he said it to that stuffed animal, and I overheard. WHY DIDN’T HE TALK TO ME ABOUT IT! We may not be engaged anymore, but we’re still family!

If I knew it didn’t hurt him for Sakura to call him “Li-kun” and not know him anymore, I’d rub it in his face that she remembered me and not him.

But I’m not that mean.


Title: Confrontation
Author: Mari (coyul)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: SoraRiku?
Content: General stuff
Rating: PG


The excitement had barely died down at all, still, and it had been already a week. A week since their return home. A week since the best reunion Sora could have ever imagined. It was better than the dreams he'd had. After all, reality was, ultimately, better than dreams. Smiles could not be wiped from their faces for too long at a time, because this was reality. There was no waking up to find that none of it had been real at all. Sora pinched Riku right away to make sure of that. Riku had, in turn, punched Sora in the arm, so it couldn't be a dream. He wouldn't have felt it.

But throughout the entire blissful week, Sora had been plaugued. He wanted so bad to confront Riku, but the oportunity never presented itself. Between their parents being similtaniously angry and completely happy and returning to school--which Sora never liked to begin with--the time just hadn't been there. Sure, they hung out on the small island just like before, but he couldn't just blurt something like that out. No way! It was so embarrassing!

He'd told Kairi of the situation halfway through the week. She'd been ecstatic, having believed it couldn't be true. With her support, he was slightly more confident. Not that he hadn't been confident before, but still, it's hard to do sometimes. To tell someone that.

He finally got his chance. Kairi was off with Selphie, watching Tidus and Wakka play some ball game. Kairi absolutely refused to let them play, thinking that it would only serve as another competition between the boys. Riku pointed out that competition was the point of games, but the red-head wouldn't hear it. It was better to just let her have her way. They could always play it later, anyway.

They sat on the usual tree in the usual spot, just like usual. Just looking out at the sea, Sora could almost picture the other worlds out there, slightly beyond his reach, but never totally gone. He'd almost forgot his reason for going there, but suddenly remembered, thinking of the worlds. "Hey, Riku?"

"Yeah?" The older boy didn't bother turning to look at his shorter friend. It wasn't needed, after all.

"Santa IS real!"

This time, Riku's head turned to face his friend, amusement written on his face, but he said nothing, afraid that he might laugh.

"Told you so."


Title: Pixelized
Author: Mari (coyul)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: None, actually.
Content: General stuff
Rating: PG


The castle they'd landed near wasn't unlike the other castles they'd seen. Of course, it would have been easier to see the castle itself if the hedges, built to make a sort of labyrinth, weren't so high. They were lost in its neverending turns and curves and had long since forgotten the way back to the ship. Their only choice was to find their way out of the maze.

A noise from the other side of one of the tall walls caught their attention. A branch that had been stepped on, then voices. The words were spoken softly so they couldn't hear well enough to know what was being said. The entire time they'd been in the labyrinth, they'd run into nobody. Well, that is if you count heartless and nobodies as nobody, but that was beside the point.

"I want to see who it is," said Sora, finally, looking around for a way to see over the hedge. His spikey brown hair hardly moving at all as his head flew from side to side as he searched.

Before his friends could stop him, he'd spotted a rather large green pipe protruding from the ground and had begun to climb to the top. "This should do," he exclaimed.

Riku shook his head at the shorter boy as Kairi fretted. Donald and Goofy were about to pull the boy down when Mickey spoke up. "We don't know if it's friends or enemies over there, Sora."

Sora responded with a wave of his hand as he stood up on the pipe. "It's okay, Your Highness. I'm sure they're frie-- Ahhh!" Before he'd even finished his sentence, an odd sound came from the pipe below him as it sucked him down.

Donald panicked, yelling profanities. Kairi struggled to hold in her scream, afraid that it would bring too much attention from the people on the other side, though she was sure they had already heard. Goofy stared, wondering out loud what had just happened. Riku slapped his forehead with his right hand, amazed that Sora had just gotten himself into yet another situation somehow.

It was Mickey who first rushed to the pipe and struggled to look down it and hold himself up at the same time. Not an easy feat being the shortest of the rather large group, but the brave King managed. Seeing nothing--it was far too dark to see farther than a few feet, surprisingly, because it was quite bright out still--the mouse dropped back down and turned to his companions. "Looks like we're gonna have to go in after him," he told the others, shaking his head grimly with a hint of amusement.

Everyone nodded--this was their friend, they couldn't leave him-- and they took turns standing on the pipe and letting it suck them down. Mickey first, then Donald, Goofy, Kairi...

Riku was the last down. The force of the wind in the tunnel had forced him to close his eyes. He landed hard on the ground finally and slowly opened his eyes to see a land completely different from any other. A glace up showed him the end of the pipe they'd used to get there. But where was there?

"It's so weird," said a voice to his right. His attention immediately went towards the female voice. It was Kairi, but she looked different to say the least. The girl was shorter than he remembered her being when compared to the landscape, but she looked to be the same height as him, somehow. Had they shrunk in the tunnel? Not only that, but she looked boxier. Made of the same stuff as the world itself. He could only assume that the same could be said of himself. A look at his hands confirmed his suspicions.

"Hey Riku! I'm as tall as you are now!" exclaimed Sora, who had nearly bounced in front of his face, blocking his vision of everything else. His new appearance didn't seem to bother Sora as it did Riku.

Riku laughed at his friend. "Yes, it seems that you are. But don't get too used to it."

"Riku's right. Once we get out of this world, we'll be back to normal again," added the King. His ears now square instead of round.

Sora looked disappointed. Or as dissapointed as a pixelized version of himself could look. He brightened back up almost instantly, though. "That's okay, because I'll catch up to you in no time!" he yelled, pointing his now short arm at his friend.

Kairi laughed. They would never stop being competitive, would they?


Title: Loud
Author: Mari (coyul)
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: It's a surprise! (aka, I want to see if I can fool everyone.)
Content: Language
Rating: PG-13


She was loud, he thought. No, he knew it. Everyone knew it. Who couldn't, anyway, when she yelled all the damn time? It was annoying. More annoying than Naruto sometimes, even.

...Okay, so nothing could top the number one loudest ninja at being loud and annoying, but she came pretty close. Many times.

He found himself attracted to her somehow, still. Maybe it was the way she walked with an unmistakable air of confidence. Perhaps it was that she was stronger than any other young kunoichi combined. Or the way her hair glowed when the sun hit it just right. He found himself wondering what it would feel like to run his hands through that hair.

Or it could be the way she glanced at him almost seductively from across the road, but still managed to act as if she were ignoring him. He wouldn't be surprised if it were all his imagination, after all. She's loud; why would she not say anything if she felt something for him. Even if she were playing with him, one would think that she'd say something.

In fact, he realized, that they hadn't said a single word to each other since they fought years ago. Why, then? Why should he notice her now? After so much time, how had the tables turned? When he looked back, she did act like the others then with a crush on him.

Even a blind man could tell that she was gorgeous, with an exotic air around her. He would even admit that Sakura, who still annoyed him to this day, was beautiful. (He wasn't blind.) But she couldn't hold a candle to the girl--no, woman--from Suna.

He'd tried to say something to her before. 'Did you know you're beautiful?' didn't seem quite him. Who would have known he'd be shy? To be perfectly honest, he had about as much confidence in this sort of thing as Naruto had brains, which he swore was none.

'Swallow your pride,' he'd told himself. 'Just tell her you like her and get it over with.'

This was stupid. He knew it. How could the great Uchiha Sasuke be choked up over a blonde sand bitch anyway?

With a mental slap and a gulp, he approached her. "Yo," he said, voice calm as if he were greeting anyone else. Then he froze. Now what?

She looked up from her seat at a picnic table, hands still running along the length of her fan, cleaning it carefully. Those eyes brilliantly shining in the evening light. "Yes?" she asked, appearing to him as calm as he was desperately trying to be.

"I just wanted to tell you..." His voice trailed off. This was crazy, and he was backing out. His pride wouldn't allow him to either give up or go through with it. To finish that sentence would be to admit weakness, and backing out would hold the same fate.

As the old men say, he was, mentally, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Which was the rock, and was the hard place? It didn't matter.

"I just wanted to tell you that you have a goofy face when you clean that thing." Disaster averted, he hoped. He turned and almost power walked stiffly away, but stopped short when he heard her voice.

"You should know since you always watch me when I'm in town." He could feel her satisfied smirk.




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Jan. 18th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
"You should know since you always watch me when I'm in town." He could feel her satisfied smirk.

Perfect ending!

Yup, you fooled me - for a while. I thought it was the "obvious" pairing, and I wasn't really feeling his voice. However, when I found out who the guy *really* was, everything fell right into place.

Nicely written, princess. <3
Jan. 18th, 2007 11:38 am (UTC)
Thank you, Voldie~ ♥
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