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FFVIII: "Bathtub" Chapter 1/?

I have no idea if I'm even going to write more to this, but whatever.

nuklear_firefly, this is for you.

Unbeta'd and unedited.


Patrol. It was the lifeblood of the Disciplinary Committee. They patrolled the halls of Balamb Garden proudly, keeping the place safe. At least, in theory. They had their own ways of dealing with problem students, which, in a way, made it slightly scarier. But if those punks were scared of a little discipline, they weren't fit to study at Balamb Garden.

On this particular morning, the three members were in the Quad, supervising the students congregating there. It was during a particularly peaceful moment that Raijin decided to open his big mouth.

"Hey guys. Tonight, think you could keep it down, ya know? I need my beauty sleep, ya know?"

If Fuujin's eye weren't already red, it would have burned with anger. Instead, Raijin could feel the heat radiating from her death glare. If looks could kill was right.

"RAGE," she said, kicking him square in the crotch. The burly member of the Posse stumbled back a few steps, writhing in pain and holding his package. Too bad for him, he was one step from the edge.

He tumbled down, lucky the Garden was parked or else he would have been chopped to pieces on the Garden's halo thing, which was hovering harmlessly above the structure at the time.

By the time he reached the ground, he'd gained momentum. He was beyond the normal speed for anything free falling, but Raijin didn't realize this. His life was flashing before his eyes, one image at a time, he saw himself facing Fuujin's wrath again and again. I gotta stop pissing her off, ya know, he thought, just before hitting the ground with a BANG.

Only the pain didn't go away. Instead, he felt the ground giving way. He kept going, afraid that he wouldn't stop until he hit the center of the planet. But when the center came and went, he realized that his earlier thought was too soon and had probably jinxed him.

Finally, he broke free, hitting something ceramic feet first, breaking a Raijin-sized hole in it. Now, in addition to the dirt and stone from the planet's many layers, he was muddy. It was a bathtub, he realized, just as he heard a girl screaming at the top of her lungs, shrill and high pitched.

Opening his eyes, he saw the girl's face. Raijin's a man, ya know, and men tend to look when a naked girl stands in front of them.

That was when he realized that this was indeed not a girl. The naked man was still screaming like a girl, his long hair slicked by the water behind his back. He was holding his chest like he actually had breasts to hide. The water was draining through the hole, perhaps back out the hole he'd made on the other side. Assuming this wasn't just some post-death dream and there wasn't really any holes for the water to go in or out of.

The screaming finally alerted someone in another room because suddenly the bathroom door was on the ground, two other men rushing in. The she-male's lovers? he thought with a silent chuckle as the larger of the two newcomers pulled him up to his feet and stared him down.

"He means, 'Where did you come from?'" said the shorter, darker man over the still screaming lady-man.



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Jul. 4th, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)
Jul. 4th, 2007 04:37 am (UTC)
It's a long story and amazing, but Mari and I were joking about how Raijin would pick on Fuujin and Seifer if they ever got together. :3
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